Arya Maratha Kshathriya Community

The “Maratha Kshatriya” community known as Arya, Arya Marathas, Maratha Kshatriyas and Kshatriyas have been residing in Kasargod district of Kerala and Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka since over the past 200 years (Mangalore, Karkala, Udupi, Kalianpur, Mulki-Kasargod were part of Dakshina Kannada district under the erstwhile Madras Presidency prior to the language-wise reorganization of states). This minority community, the population of which is less than 10,000, has 24 clans of the Saptarishi gotra. Every clan has separate places of worship. Apart from worshipping different Goddesses, the community even worships Naga, Bhairava, Veerabhadra, Bhadre, Kudrekali, Zinkini, Lakshmi, Ganapathi, Eshwara, Raulnatha, Mahakali, Mahasathi (Masthi) and Bhoomi Daivas like Bhuvaneshwari, Vishnumurthi, Rakteshwari, Guliga, Brahmarakshassu, Chamundi and Mantramurthi Guliga. The Maratha Kshatriyas have now accepted Kannada as their mother tongue, though their original mother tongue is Marathi and their place of origin Maharashtra. If this is so, how did these Marathas migrate to Dakshina Kannada, from where, how, when and why? What reasons prompted them to settle in this region? There seems to be a need to undertake a detailed study and research regarding these aspects.

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There are few temples for the Maratha Kshatriya community men in Dakshina Kannada district. One of this is the Aryakatyayini Sri Mahadevi Temple located at Korakodu in Kasargod. The Dharekar family people who were residing at Bolar in Mangalore had for some reason shifted to Korakodu in Kasargod. In the year 1908, in the Devara Mane of the Dharekhar family

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