About Us

Dear Community members,

This website is dedicated to all Arya yane Maratha Samaja Community members of Mangalore/Kasaragod origin. We appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestions given to improve our website


The objective of this website is to express views from all over the world. It could be sharing Information, knowledge, experience, posting a new job, events and functions or it could be a perfect match in matrimony.

Our goal is bringing into the main stream, those youngsters who have migrated to other cities or states or to foreign countries to pursuit education or employment, also keeping them informed regarding the educational, religious, social and cultural activities that we organize in our city from time to time and encouraging them to participate in the same. Availing their services for the benefit of the community’s younger generations, e.g.: Career guidance, Education counselling

This website would be the perfect platform for all intellectuals to come together.


We have already started collecting feedbacks from our community people. We do not want people just to login once and register themselves and become inactive. We want everybody to be an active member who can visit the website at least once a week.

Your suggestions can definitely make a difference, as we will able to discuss it while taking decisions. Presently the membership will be available free of cost till the launch and there after it will be charged. Members will be updated with all the postings regularly and will enjoy special offers for posting their invitations, photos, celebrations, matrimonial, commercial ads or any other events in our website.

 Education trust/ Help Line:

We are committed to help the students who have financial difficulties to continue their studies. We are also focusing on people who require medical aid, we want to bring these information’s to the focus of the community members, so that people can read about their problems and help in the matter of issuing scholarships or providing medical aid.

This is just a trial run being carried out right now and we are infact waiting for more feedbacks from everybody who wants the Maratha community to grow and to be recognised. 

Regarding NRI education trust fund, we have a lot of work to do. The feedback from recent visitors has really motivated us a lot. In days to come we will be coming out with more information.

Donors list is displayed in Help line link of our website and you can go through it. 

Photo gallery:

In this section you can utilize our service to share photographs of marriages, engagements, birthdays, picnics or any other events that can be viewed globally.

Address Directory:

There are a lot of educated people from our community residing in different parts of the world and have gone unaccounted from our community list. We want to make a address directory and keep in constant touch with all of them, which can benefit a lot of people within the community.


In this section you can display greetings, invitations of cultural and personal functions so that you can address a wide range of people and also make it memorable.


All our community members who are looking for alliances are just a click away from finding your dream boy/girl, so please submit your matrimonial registration form and keep checking this link regularly.

Fund allocation:

Fund collected through our website will be utilized for the welfare of our community.60 percent of the fund collected will be used for educational purposes including scholarships and to the medical aid for poor people in our community, 35 percent of the fund will be utilized for Administrative purposes and remaining 5 percent will be utilized for website maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses.

Donors list and expenses list will be displayed separately on Help line link of our website. Very shortly we will have our own S/B account in a nationalized bank.


This website is working in close association with Arya yane Maratha Samaja Sangha(R) Mangalore/Kasargod, but it is an independent body and this website is managed by a private body.

Premier Technologies is a professional web designer which will be working on the website based on our requirements and advise.


You can use the feedback form given in this website and give us your valuable comments and feedback so that we can serve you better.

We look forward for your kind support and appreciate your help in making this website a strong mode of communication to help our community.